Jewelry Care

Traditional Waist Beads

Traditional waist beads are made with cotton thread and resilient glass, vinyl and/or plastic beads. They are meant to be worn 24/7. You can sleep, shower, swim, have sex, play sports, etc in traditional waist beads. They don't require any special cleaning apart from your shower and self-care routines. Avoid excessive tugging to reduce the risk of them breaking.

Wire Waist Beads and Anklets

Wire waist beads and anklets are made using stainless steel wire and clasps. Avoid showering with wire waist beads as the metal may tarnish over time. Avoid excessive tugging and be mindful when removing pants. Avoid using products that contain harsh chemicals on your waist beads/anklets. This includes perfumes, lotions and hand sanitizers. Store it in the satin bag it comes with when not using.